We can provide you with the following services, all of which are backed by your complete satisfaction. We would appreciate the opportunity of discussing your needs or developing a quotation to your specifications. Please click on the service you desire for more information.

Stampings Castings
Screw Machine Products Injection Molded and Blow Molded Plastics
Metal Forming & Machining Packaging
Electronics Manufacturing and Assemblies Tooling
Wire Harnesses Gaging
Assemblies and Hardware Kits Standard and Special Fasteners
Springs & Clips Engineering Design Services
We use progressive and compound dies to stamp. We also blank, pierce, form, debur, weld, stake, fastener, plate, and paint all types of metal parts. Back to top
Form castings through precision machining, finishing, and assembly. Our prosity free parts can be made of a number of different metals and alloys in sizes from a few ounces to 2,000 pounds.
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Screw Machine Products
Full line manufacturing capabilities - single and multiple spindle machines to produce high volume requirements. CNC machining is available for prototype and lower volume needs. Secondary operations include drilling, tapping, grinding, and milling.
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Injection Molded and Blow Molded Plastics
Single cavity family molding holds costs down on low volume parts. Multiple cavity mold designs are a must for high volume items. We can assist in material selection for high stress applications. Standard product lines include hole plugs, bushings, nylon fasteners and spacers.
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Metal Forming & Machining
We have the ability to provide precision formed and machined specials. State-of-the-art laser, CNC machine and bending equipment are used to meet these unusual specifications.
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Custom formed reusable packaging containers, trays, and nests to maintain your parts integrity during shipping.
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Electronics Manufacturing and Assemblies
Circuit board manufacturing, assembly, and testing.
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Manufacturing of high precision molds, fixtures, and parts handling equipment.
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Wire Harnesses
All configurations, connector types, and lengths to meet military and automotive specifications.
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Design and build in-process and post-process gages from simple fixturing to complex high speed sorting gages, P-PAPS, first article inspections to ISO/QS-9000 guidelines.
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Assemblies and Hardware Kits
Assorted component assemblies configured to equal a customized part kit.
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Standard and Special Fasteners
Ever changing customer requirements range from basic industry standards to the most complicated multi-blow specials. Reduce operator fatigue through high performance fastening systems and automated assembly. We can guide you in standard product selection as well as special product and assembly system designs.
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Springs & Clips
Custom springs and multi-slide products are manufactured to customer specifications.
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Engineering Design Services
Concept, CAD design, and prototyping services available.
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